Curated Doom


A record label for people who like looking out of the window at thunder storms. 


Founded in 2018, Curated Doom is a small independent record label with a focus on abstract, experimental and ambient music.

Curated Doom was created by music artist Ghost of Wood as a means of distributing his output and his collaborations with other musicians. As the idea picked up steam, so did the artists included on the roster including guitarist Michael Bearpark, Pedal Steel Guitarist Curt Trisko, Asian post rock band Gömböc and alt folk collective Fishclaw. Releases are also planned from Demon's Eye and Team Satan.

Ghost of Wood’s Amalgam series has also brought additional musicians into the fold such as noted jazz bassist Doug Ross, multi-instrumentalist Swivelman and trumpeter Simon Taylor.

With a dark, unsettling, introspective aesthetic, and an undercurrent of Lynchian mischief, Curated Doom is a niche label for those who love the hazy fringes of alternative music.