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Ghost of Wood: Amalgam (I)

Amalgam (I) is the first in a series of albums by Ghost of Wood under the Amalgam banner.


Amalgam is an ambitious project from Ghost of Wood which aims to weave an eclectic collection of musical influences with a diverse group of musicians, and refract it into a cohesive whole.

Inspired by shifting, undulating album-length tracks such as Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield and Kate Bush’s A Sky of Honey, and the brooding, menacing soundtracks for Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me, Amalgam takes the listener on a strange, looping, hypnotic journey.

Amalgam Series 

1. Part One (Arber)
Arber: Electric Guitar, Synths
- Simon Taylor: Trumpet   

2. Part Two (Arber)
- Arber: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synths
- Curt Trisko: Pedal Steel Guitar 

3. Part Three (Arber)
- Arber: Electric Guitar, Tremolo Guitar, Organ
- Michael Bearpark: Guitar Solo
- Doug Ross: Bass

4. Part Four (Arber)
- Arber: Piano, Glockenspiel 

5. Part Five (Arber)
- Arber: Bass, Tremolo Guitar, Electric Guitar

6. Part Six (Arber/Blowers)
- Swivelman: Bass, Synths
- Arber: Guitar, Synths
- Black Prism: Reverse Guitars
- Simon Taylor: Trumpet   

7. Part Seven (Arber/Monhan)
 - Patrick Monahan: Haunted Piano
- Arber: Tremolo Guitar
- Black Prism (Gömböc): Reverse Guitar 
- Curt Trisko: Pedal Steel Guitar

8. Part Eight (Keep)
Performed by Fishclaw.
- Simon Keep: Piano and Synths
- Jos Dow: Viola
- Alex Leming: Bass
- Cameron Morrell: Drums
- Tom Hardy: Guitar

9. Part 9 (Arber)
- Arber: Rhythm Guitars, Twang Guitar, Electric Piano, Vibraphone 
- Doug Ross: Bass 
- Thomas Basche (tobaschco): Guitar Solo

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Ghost of Wood Electric Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Shortwave Radio, Guitar, Bass, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Programming, Unnecessary Sound Degradation. 
Thomas Basche (tobaschco) Guitar
Michael Bearpark Guitar
Black Prism Reverse Guitar
Jos Dow Viola
Tom Hardy Guitar
Simon Keep Piano and Synths
Alex Leming Upright Bass
Patrick Monahan Haunted Piano
Cameron Morrell Drums
Doug Ross Bass
Simon Taylor Trumpet
Swivelman Bass, Synths
Curt Trisko Pedal Steel Guitar

Produced and Mixed by Ghost of Wood
Except Part 8 produced by Simon Keep 

All tracks written by
Ghost of Wood
Except Part 6 written Arber/Blowers
Part 7 written by Arber/Monahan
Part 8 written by Keep. 

Acknowledgements: Rina Cheung, Rosie Arber, Michael Bearpark, Simon Hill, Simon Keep & Fishclaw, Duf, Doug Ross, Tobaschco, Curt Trisko, Simon Taylor, F.O.X, Elif Yalvaç, Gömböc (Micah, Miah, Twig & Emiko), Black Prism, Hifi Sean, Mikey Thompson, Raoul Sanchez, Kae, Catt, Chris Sayer, Mika Handa, John Done, Jo San, Sue Lacey, Ellen, Peepshow Collective, Intro, Northern Arbers, Southern Cheungs and Yaus. Special thanks in particular to those who kept me sane.

Dedicated to the memory of Tony Volpe


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