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Fishclaw - Mole County v2 2000x2000.jpg

Fishclaw: Mole County

Fishclaw’s single, Mole County, is a startling blend of folk music and drum and bass

Fishclaw - Mole County v2 2000x2000.jpg

Mole County takes Fishclaw’s experiments blending traditional folk music with contemporary electronica, and pushes it in bold new directions. The band fuse violas, accordion arpeggios and bass with a pounding drum and bass breakbeat, creating a track at home in both crusty coastal taverns and inner city nightclubs.

Additionally this release features remixes by a plethora of electronic artists including Loula Yorke, Holkham, Team Satan, Frazer Merrick and Swivelman.

“Mole County does what Fishclaw do best. It takes a bunch of genres that shouldn’t work together, mixes them together and comes up with something incredible.”
- Richard Haugh, BBC Introducing

1. Mole County    
2. Amalgam (Fishclaw Mix)    
3. Mole County (Loula Yorke YSM Remix)    
4. Mole County (Holkham Tape Loop Remix)    
5. Mole County (Semeionaside Here Is The Remix Mix)
6. Mole County (Jude Remix)
7. Mole County (Frazer Merrick Remix)
8. Mole County (Swivelman Remix)
9. Mole County (Team Satan Whack-a-Mole Remix)    

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Mole County composed by Simon Keep, Jos Dow, Alex Leming, Cameron Morrell and Rory Hobbs.
Produced by Simon Keep. Mixed by Tom “Laptop Spit” Donovan.
Amalgam (Fishclaw Mix) composed by Simon Keep.
Produced and mixed by Simon Keep.


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