Curated Doom


Japanese artist and musician


QPQQQPQ is a Japanese artist Ken-zi, who writes, produces and plays all the music himself. Live, Ken-zi plays with a backing band.

“The Industrial/Techno sound system is a world with feelings of despair, heavy melody, and frightful tension; and its overwhelming originality does not allow others to come near. It’s not easy to experience this unique world. 

I thought QPQQQPQ might think that DEATH is not only fear and grief, but DEATH also has hope for the next world, and pleasure for the escape from pain.”


  • January 20 2004 Cornelius - Five Point One + PM By Humans, track: Rinikanau Shirimetsuretsuna Kotoba Tekkai?? (Version 2.4) Remix, under the name Samurai Distortion

  • September 12 2004 Ken-zi started making music under the name QPQQQPQ

  • July 16 2004 Recorded two tracks for the compilation album Who Else’s Is Your Music?

  • December 12 2006 Black System CCR-CD001 Cutie Cure Records

  • December 24 2006 White System CCR-CD002 Cutie Cure Records

  • January 1 2007 Blue System CCR-CD003 Cutie Cure Records

  • January 15 2007 Red System CCR-CD004 Cutie Cure Records

  • March 21 2007 Underground Dizzy Chainsaw CCR-CD005 Cutie Cure Records

  • March 12 2008 Testament CCR-CD006 Cutie Cure Records

  • March 12 2008 port-royal ‎- Afraid To Dance valeot-001 Valeot Records, track: Deca-Dance (Exhausted Tour Version) Producer, Featuring QPQQQPQ

  • December 23 2008 Life CCR-CD007 Cutie Cure Records

  • March 21 2010 R.I.P. CCR-CD008 Cutie Cure Records

  • August 13 2011 Psychopath CCR-CD009 Cutie Cure Records

  • December 12 2013 Sixty Nine CCR-CD010 Cutie Cure Records

  • October 12 2015 port-royal ‎- Where Are You Now CATMD238 n5MD track: Karl Marx Song Vocals, Producer [Additional] - QPQQQPQ

  • January 15 2018 Memento Mori CCR-CD011 Cutie Cure Records

  • July 20 2018 Forbidden Fruit CCR-CD012 Cutie Cure Records

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