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Simon Hill

Simon Hill - Drums


Simon Hill - Drums

Drummer Simon Hill started playing in bands at the age of 13, when along with Jason Arber and Michael Bearpark, he formed Molotov Cocktail while the three were still at school. Many name changes later, they recorded their first demo tape in 1986 as Eye to Eye.

Early influences were the new wave of British Heavy Metal bands of the mid-1980's such as Judas Priest, Motorhead, Iron Maiden and Saxon - though the simultaneous emergence of bands such as U2, Simple Minds and Tears for Fears may also have played a part.

University (and careers) intervened, and although the Greenbelt Rock Festival and interest from Plankton Records suggested a promising future, the trio went their separate ways.

Simon continued to play in bands throughout his university stint in Portsmouth (Tabasco Cat, Vital Signs), but then almost put away the drums for good as he worked on developing a career as a football commentator with the BBC.

After emigrating to Australia in 2003, he rekindled his interest via workmates at SBS Television, joining up with The Grown Ups as they gigged around Sydney and beyond.

In 2015, his lifelong dream of playing in a metal band was realised, as he joined up with Green Manalishi, a three-piece Sydney band, with whom he continues to play.

In 2016, having re-connected with Arber and Bearpark (along with singer, John Done), the trio went back into the studio for the first time in 30 years to re-record tracks from that first demo tape. In 2018, they were back in the studio again working on new collaborations.

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