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Darkroom are an experimental ambient music duo

Photo by Rob Blackham

Photo by Rob Blackham


Michael Bearpark: guitars, pedals, loops and feedback
Andrew Ostler: synthesizers, laptop, processing, woodwind & reeds

Darkroom are a UK-based duo, originally formed to provide a live film festival soundtrack on which their debut album Daylight (released on the 3rd Stone label in 1998) was based.

Guitar but not guitar; synthesizers but not keyboards – Darkroom’s music starts with improvisation and a distinctive approach to sound design, followed by disciplined editing and stop-motion studio craft. By turns beautiful and beautifully ugly, theirs is a very human music that always sounds “played” not “programmed”, despite the technology that's essential for producing it.

Michael is also guitarist for No-Man, Tim Bowness, Henry Fool and Pedaltone, among others, appearing both live and on studio recordings. He's also a Professor of Computational Chemistry.

Andrew runs music software and hardware company Expert Sleepers, specialising in the integration of computers and analogue, particularly modular, synths.

Photos by Rob Blackham

Photos by Rob Blackham


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