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Elif Yalvaç

Elif Yalvaç - guitar


Hazal Elif Yalvaç composes electronic music, designs sounds, plays guitars and sings. She started to play guitar at the age of 11, and after graduating from Istanbul University (BA in Translation & Interpreting) in 2011, she began studying Sonic Arts (MA) at Istanbul Technical University, Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM) in 2015, where she focuses on audio programming and music theory/history, alongside her interests in environmental sound recording and guitar.

Her debut EP entitled CloudScapes was self-released in July 2016, and mainly features ambient music, Eliane Radigue-inspired drones, and microsound techniques. In addition to her live electronics and fixed media performances, Elif has performed in Turkey, the Netherlands, Finland, at UK festivals including EppyFest and Secret Garden Party, and most recently in Iceland and Norway.


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