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Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming - Mnml Ambient


Ian is an Irish composer/producer, based in Munich, Germany. He makes ambient and experimental electronic music. His primary interest as a composer is the juxtaposition of contrasting aesthetics, placing particular emphasis on the organic and the artificial: the dichotomy between the brutal, cold harshness of the clipped digital, and the natural warmth of a cello, for example.

Ian also makes techno and performs as both DJ and live act under the name Lunacybot. He has released on labels such as Gobsmacked Records, Italo Business, Toxic Recordings, Variance, Variant Electronic, and more. He is a monthly resident on the renowned radio station Fnoob Techno Radio. He has been blessed enough to share a bill with artists as diverse as Franck Vigroux, Lee Holman, Fatboy Slim, @c and Cygna.


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